How to Choose the Right Dentist

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Brushing and flossing, while essential for keeping your teeth and gums healthy, are not a substitute for regular checkups with your dentist. Regular checkups can also help prevent heart attacks, strokes, and other medical conditions which can develop or be exacerbated by untreated dental problems? Although some people dread going to the dentist, if you follow the steps below, you may actually enjoy your regular visits more.

Finding a dentist that you trust is essential to a good experience with dental care. Maybe you’ve just moved and are searching for a new dentist?  Maybe you don’t currently have a dentist and need to find one? Or maybe you have a dentist but would like to try out a different one? Whatever the reason, Ridgetop Dental Group in Reston VA presents the following tips for finding and choosing a new dentist.  Maybe that dentist will even be at our practice!

Choosing A Dentist

Ask friends, family or co-workers for recommendations. There’s a good chance that one of them has a dentist they prefer.

Ask your doctor or pharmacist for a recommendation. Members of the medical community often know one another and may have preferences in whom they collaborate with. Choosing a dentist that has an existing relationship with your doctor or pharmacy can help you better coordinate treatment.

If you’re moving, ask your current dentist for a recommendation. They may know a colleague in the town or area you are moving to.

Use the quick and easy search function of the American Dental Association (ADA) website at www.ada.org. Every ADA member dentist has taken a professional oath to put your health and well-being first and deal with all patients ethically and honestly.

What to Look For in a New Dentist

Once you have a few recommendations for a new dentist, you might want to call or visit more than one of them to gain a more clear picture of what it will be like to be a patient there. It is important that you are a good fit with your dentist and his staff to build the trust essential in a doctor-patient relationship.

Here are a few more things to consider when choosing a dentist:

  • Do they accept your dental insurance? This is important.
  • Do their office hours fit your schedule?
  • Is their office located close to your home or office?
  • What is their approach to preventive dentistry?
  • What types of anesthesia do they administer?
  • What are their procedures for after-hour emergencies? Most dentists have arrangements with a colleague or an emergency referral service.
  • Ask them for estimates on some common procedures such as full-mouth X-rays, an oral exam and cleaning, and filling a cavity in case you ever have a lapse in your insurance coverage.
  • What is their missed-appointments policy?

Dentist in Reston VA

As with any other medical service provider, you owe it to yourself to make sure you’re choosing the best dentist for you- one that you’ll feel comfortable seeing for checkups and emergencies for years to come.

If you’re in the Reston VA area and in need of a dentist, perhaps the skilled and professional team at Ridgetop Dental Group are the providers for you.  If you would like to learn more or schedule an exam, please call us or schedule a consultation online.

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