General Dentistry

Routine dental care is the foundation of not only a healthy smile, but also overall good health for a lifetime. Our team considers your dental care an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and lasting smile. In general dentistry, we offer several treatments to benefit your oral health so you can maintain a healthy smile. 

Family Dentistry

Our staff welcomes young patients and looks forward to the opportunity to educate them on the benefits of regular dental care and help them enjoy a healthy, growing smile. A family dentist office means that all members of your family can meet their oral health needs in one location. Children enjoy the benefits of being treated alongside the person they trust most, a parent or caregiver. This can reduce common fear and dental anxiety and teach them to care for their smile for a lifetime. We can accommodate your busy schedule with flexible hours! If you are looking for a family dentist in Reston, VA, call our office today to schedule your visit!

Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are used as part of a conservative treatment plan aimed at preserving the natural tooth. A tooth filling is used when a tooth is weakened because of cracks, chips, breaks, cavities or other reasons. The filling is intended to not just restore strength, but to protect the tooth from future damage or decay. A dental filling can help your tooth last for many more years! 

Gum Disease

Gum disease affects over 75% of adult patients and remains a leading cause of tooth loss. Preventable and treatable, periodontal disease is something that we screen for during all routine dental visits at Ridgetop Dental Group. We emphasize the importance of maintaining healthy gums and provide personalized care to address your unique lifestyle habits and risk factors for gum disease.

Gum Contouring

Reshaping the gums with laser dentistry can provide a beautiful aesthetic result without the need for gum surgery. Our doctors can either subtly or dramatically change the look of your smile by exposing more or less of your teeth using a dental laser, which allows for more precise treatment that will not harm surrounding tissues. Gum recession can present a growing dental health concern and increase the risk of tooth loss if not addressed properly and early. It is very important to have gums that are receding treated to avoid further dental issues.

Dental Sedation

With a progressive approach and commitment to continuing education, our team at Ridgetop Dental Group helps patients achieve maximum relaxation in the dental chair. If you have any fears concerning dental treatment, let us know! Many patients suffer from fears related to dental procedures, common smells, and noises associated with them or generalized anxiety about their visit. In addition to fear and anxiety, if you have a very strong gag reflex or a low pain tolerance dental sedation can enable you to receive the treatment you need or desire while completely relaxed and comfortable.

Emergency Dentistry

Dental emergencies can happen at the most unexpected time. We provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for both common and complex dental emergencies. We offer flexible office hours Monday through Friday and have an answering service that will contact our dentist on call when the office is closed. If you have a dental emergency in Reston, VA, call our office right away to get the help that you need! 

Root Canal Therapy

A root canal is often considered a “life-saving” treatment for a tooth that is severely damaged or diseased. We will always recommend a root canal if appropriate. Most patients report that their root canal was no more uncomfortable than a dental filling. In many cases, the pain caused by the infection within the tooth is immediately relieved once the procedure is under way. Root canal therapy can preserve your natural teeth for many more years!

Single-Visit Crown

For those with a damaged tooth or have a failing or lost dental crown, we offer the convenience of new single-visit crowns. Rather than having to get impressions taken, then wait for weeks while an outside dental lab creates your crown, at Ridgetop Dental Group, we can custom create your new crown right here in our office! This means you won’t have to live with a temporary crown or come back for a final fitting—it all happens the same day as your first appointment!

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