Emergency Dentistry

Despite the most diligent oral hygiene and routine dental care, dental emergencies can occur, and often at the most inconvenient of times. Ridgetop Dental Group makes every effort to see both current and new patients the same day for a dental emergency. If you have a dental emergency in Northern VA, we encourage you to call our office right away. We’ll provide comfortable, high-quality dental care and address your dental emergency as soon as possible.

Types Of Dental Emergencies:

  • Broken teeth
  • Failing dental bridge
  • Damaged crowns
  • Wisdom teeth pain
  • Broken dentures
  • Abscess and swelling
  • Chipped front tooth or teeth
  • Mouth/jaw pain that prevents you from sleeping
  • Root abscess

Our team provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for both common and complex dental emergencies. We offer flexible office hours Monday through Friday and have an answering service that will contact our dentist on call when the office is closed. Some of our unique dental service offerings include:

  • Same-day appointments
  • Same-day pain relief
  • A doctor on call 24/7
  • Emergencies seen promptly

Handling Dental Emergencies 

Dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them, causing pain, stress, and inconvenience. In such situations, knowing how to identify, manage, and seek appropriate treatment for a dental emergency can make all the difference in preserving your oral health.

At Ridgetop Dental Group, we offer a wide range of services, including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, emergency dentistry, and general dentistry, to meet your diverse dental care needs. Our team of experienced dentists is equipped to handle unexpected dental emergencies with professionalism, precision, and compassion, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction.

Some of the common dental emergencies include severe toothaches, chipped or broken teeth, knocked-out teeth, lost dental fillings or crowns, and dental abscesses.

We will discuss the appropriate first-aid measures to navigate each situation effectively and when it’s necessary to seek immediate dental assistance. In general, acting promptly and seeking adequate treatment can reduce the risk of complications and increase the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Prevention is always better than cure, and by adhering to a proper oral hygiene routine and scheduling regular dental check-ups, you can maintain optimal oral health and avoid potential emergencies.

At Ridgetop Dental Group, our team is committed to providing the highest quality of dental care in a comfortable and caring environment. In the event of a dental emergency, our staff is available to provide timely and efficient care to alleviate your pain and restore your oral health. 

Severe Toothaches: How to Alleviate Pain and Recognize When to Seek Help

A toothache can vary in intensity, ranging from mild discomfort to severe pain. Common causes of toothaches include tooth decay, gum disease, a dental abscess, or a damaged filling. In any case, it is important not to ignore the pain, as it may indicate a more serious underlying issue. To alleviate toothache pain, you can rinse your mouth with warm water, use dental floss to ensure no food particles are lodged between teeth, and apply a cold compress on the affected area to reduce swelling.

Over-the-counter pain relievers may also provide temporary relief. However, if the pain persists or worsens, it is crucial to consult a dentist immediately. The professionals at Ridgetop Dental Group can diagnose and treat the root cause of a toothache, ensuring your continued oral health.

Chipped or Broken Teeth: What to Do In Case of Damage

Accidents, injuries, or biting hard food items can sometimes lead to chipped or broken teeth. In such cases, it is essential to remain calm and act promptly to preserve the tooth’s structure. If possible, collect any tooth fragments and gently rinse them with water. Rinse your mouth with warm water to clean the affected area, and apply a cold compress to minimize swelling. Over-the-counter pain medications can help manage discomfort.

It’s vital to visit a dentist as soon as possible to assess the damage and determine the appropriate treatment. Delaying treatment can lead to further complications. At Ridgetop Dental Group, our skilled team of dentists can provide expert care to restore your damaged tooth and prevent further issues.

Knocked-Out Teeth: The Steps to Follow for the Best Chance at Reattachment

A knocked-out tooth is a dental emergency that requires immediate attention. Following the right steps can significantly increase the chances of saving the tooth. First, retrieve the tooth by the crown (the part used for chewing), avoiding contact with the root. Rinse it gently with water, without scrubbing or removing any attached tissue. If possible, try to reinsert the tooth into its socket and gently hold it in place with a clean piece of gauze or cloth.

If reinsertion is not possible, store the tooth in a cup of milk, saline solution, or saliva to keep it moist. Visit a dentist as soon as possible, ideally within an hour, for the best chance of reattachment. The experienced team at Ridgetop Dental Group will provide prompt care, offering the highest chance of preserving your tooth.

Lost Dental Fillings or Crowns: Managing the Situation

Dental fillings or crowns may occasionally become loose or dislodged due to various reasons, such as biting on hard food, tooth decay, or natural wear and tear. In case of a lost dental filling, rinsing your mouth with warm water can help remove any debris from the affected area. Applying a dental cement available over-the-counter can provide temporary protection until you can visit a dentist for a proper restoration. If you have lost a dental crown, gently clean the exposed tooth, and consult a dentist as soon as possible. Our team may be able to re-cement the crown or create a new one if necessary.

Dental Emergency FAQs

It is always best to call our office for advice, but there are a few things you can do immediately at home to relieve pain and minimize damage.


A toothache can indicate a range of possible dental concerns. If you are suffering with sudden tooth pain, contact our office and we will schedule a visit if necessary. An over the counter pain medication such as ibuprofen may help to ease the pain. DO NOT apply anything directly to the affected tooth surface.

Object Caught In Teeth 

In the event of food particles or an object lodged between teeth, gently use dental floss to try and remove it. NEVER use a sharp object or anything other than dental floss to avoid damaging the teeth or gums. If you are unable to remove the object, call our office for advice on how to proceed.

My Child Has A Loose Tooth 

If a child has a very loose primary (baby) tooth, gently remove it to avoid inhaling or swallowing the tooth. If an older child has a loose permanent tooth as a result of an accident, contact our office immediately for instruction on how to proceed.

Dental emergencies can be distressing, but knowing how to handle them with confidence can make a world of difference in preserving your oral health. By recognizing common dental emergencies, understanding when immediate care is necessary, and following the appropriate first-aid measures, you can effectively manage such situations. Additionally, maintaining good oral hygiene and scheduling regular dental check-ups can be fundamental in preventing most dental emergencies.

Facing a dental emergency in Alexandria, VA? Call Ridgetop Dental Group today! Our expert dentists are here to provide personalized care for your dental emergency, from toothaches to knocked-out teeth. Let us restore your oral health and bring back your beautiful smile. Schedule your appointment now and trust us to guide you through this situation with care and expertise. Call Ridgetop Dental Group now!

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