What To Know About Tooth Bonding

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What Is Tooth Bonding?

Tooth bonding is a cosmetic solution for repairing minor damage or cosmetic concerns. Reston VA cosmetic dentist Dr. Datta Malyavantham may recommend dental bonding for younger patients looking for a cost-effective treatment option or for patients of any age unable to commit to a more permanent treatment such as dental veneers.

What Is Tooth Bonding Used For?

Dental bonding can be used to address a range of cosmetic and dental health concerns. Tooth bonding can also seal out bacteria preventing future decay or damage. Ridgetop Dental Group provides dental bonding as a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment option for restoring the appearance of a damaged smile.

Tooth bonding is most commonly used to treat:

  • Minor cracks
  • Chipped teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Reshape teeth

Does Tooth Require Maintenance?

Dental bonding requires no additional daily maintenance outside of your standard oral health routine. Brushing and flossing as well as visiting the dentist twice a year can keep the surrounding tooth and gum tissue healthy and prolong your results. Dental bonding is typically touched up or replaced every ten years.

What Is The Tooth Bonding Process?

Tooth bonding is a minimally invasive procedure that is typically completed in a single visit to our Reston, VA dentist office.

  1. Your Ridgetop dentist will prepare the treated teeth by removing a minimal amount of tooth structure.
  2. The composite resin material is placed directly on the prepared teeth. The dentist will mold the material into the desired shape. Keeping open communication with the patient, your dentist will work with you to ensure you are satisfied with the appearance of your bonding.
  3. The final bonding is cured using a specially designed light that activates the hardening agent. Your dentist then polishes the dental bonding to a natural luster for beautiful results.

What Are The Benefits Of Tooth Bonding?

  1.     Less extensive procedure than other restorations like porcelain veneers or dental crowns.
  2.     Can Usually be completed in one appointment
  3.     Restore Your Natural Smile

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