What Tobacco Will Do To Your Oral Health

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Tobacco use and smoking have a long list of negative health effects such as lung cancer, and breathing problems and asthma. However, what you did not know is how bad tobacco is for your teeth and oral health. Also, chewing tobacco and snuff can also have negative effects on your teeth and oral health.

How Does Different Tobacco Products Effect My Oral Health?

  • Weakens Your Immune System
    • Smoking will weaken your immune system which will make it harder for a smoker to be treated for gum disease. Smoking will reduce your blood flow which will increase bacteria and inflammation of your gums. Issues like this will make it challenging for certain procedures such as a tooth replacement.
  • Healing Issues
    • Tobacco will limit your bodies growth of blood vessels, which will slow down the healing process after an oral surgery if needed.
  • Tooth Wear
    • Snuff and chewing tobacco contain particles that are rough on your teeth and the enamel on your teeth. This can cause problems such as uneven or crooked teeth, bite problems, and difficulties chewing.
  • Halitosis (Bad Breath)
    • Some may agree that nothing is more embarrassing than bad breath. It can make many occasions in your life awkward such as work meetings, dating, or simply just speaking to someone. Bad breath should be enough of a reason to try and quit any type of tobacco use.
  • Discoloration
    • All tobacco products will stain your teeth and even your tongue. Over time, smoking will deeply stain your teeth yellow, and chewing tobacco will stain your teeth and gums a dark yellow or even black color. On some occasions, tobacco has been known to cause your tongue to stain a tint of yellow.
  • Tooth Decay
    • What most may not know if that often times, sugar is added to chewing tobacco to enhance the flavor. Since chewing tobacco rests on your gums most of the time during use, this will help speed up the tooth decay process.

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